Setting a course for quality: Alphastone GmbH & Co. KG

Welcome to Alphastone!

Having clear direction and being frank are qualities shared by the people of Schleswig-Holstein. In other words, they like to keep things simple. That’s why Alphastone GmbH & Co. KG feels ideally situated at its location in Kiel. With the company specializing in marine and nautical products, the western corner of the Baltic Sea is the ideal base. The fjord city of Kiel boasts ports, shipyards, cruise ship terminals, and naval bases making it a hub of Europe.

As an all-rounder amongst ship equipment suppliers, Alphastone has been active for over fifteen years servicing the world from Kiel with a complete package of high-quality accessories and service expertise in terms of technology and logistics. We also tailor offers precisely to your needs. No changing course and no dropping anchor!

Cooperators & Certificates

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